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“Best Service Education were super supportive and helpful, they are always willing to answer all my questions. They facilitated the process big time.”

Rudy Dib

MSc in Digital Marketing

“Best Service Education stood by my side and helped me not only with my visa procedure but also finding affordable accommodation.”

Ella Abou Jaoude

Bachelor in Business Administration

“I contacted Best Service Education and they helped me throughout the process, they assisted me in applying to all the universities I had in mind.”

Chady Moughames

MSc in Supply Chain Management

“I had an amazing experience with Best Service Education. Their personalized support and real-time tracking made my study abroad journey smooth and stress-free.”

Charbel Jalloul

MBA in Entrepreneurship

“Best Service Education’s team as good as they come. They are very understanding, patient and easygoing. If you want to study abroad, then I would highly recommend them.”

Wassim Nemer

Master of Science

“I surprisingly found it easy to apply abroad, thanks to Best Service Education. They were consistently keeping me posted on progress and were exceptionally helpful throughout.”

Chris Saab

Bachelor in International Business

“The application process was smooth, I only had to share my documents, and Best Service Education had it all under control. They were always there for me whenever I had a question, following up with me.”

Elie Khoury

MBA in Finance and Investment

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Best Service Education is your go-to for studying abroad. Their personalized assistance and extensive network make them the ideal partner for realizing your dreams.”

Ghiwa Razzouk

MSc in Digital Marketing

“They are called Best Service for a reason. When I sought to study abroad, I sent the required documents, and Best Service did the rest. It was a seamless and remarkable experience.”

Yorgo Abou Khalil

MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Business Development

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